The Foleon roadmap

Welcome to the official Foleon product roadmap. This timeline gives you an overview of the features we're developing over the months to come.

Please be aware that these are estimations and that they're subject to change. Also, keep in mind that not all of these features will be available for every license.

Keep up with the latest updates on our Product Updates page.

Last updated on 12 March 2019.

Q3 2019

A new way of managing users

As part of the new dashboard, we’re also developing new tools for managing users. Expect new ways of grouping users and assigning privileges.

All-new Chart builder

We’re developing an all-new Chart element to help you create data visualizations in your Foleons.

Q2 2019

The template builder

One of our most requested features is coming soon! The template builder will allow you to create and reuse templates for Publications, Pages, Blocks, and Overlays across your Foleon account.

Better account-related information

We’re making it easier for you to access account-related information like users, invoices, stored data, and your personal details.

An easier to use store

We’re improving our store so it’s easier to purchase additional publications and users.

Improvements to managing overlays

We’re releasing several improvements to make it easier for you to create, rename, and delete overlays.

Q1 2019

A brand new dashboard

We’re working hard on completely redesigning the Foleon dashboard. Expect loads of handy new features, an improved overview of your publications, and easier access to your various assets.

Status: live

Publication templates

Our design team is busy building dozens of new publication templates. No matter what you plan to make, you'll have the perfect pre-designed, multi-page templates to accelerate your creative process.

Status: live

Insert pages from another publication

By popular demand, it's now possible to copy pages from one publication to another.

Status: live

Secure publications with email whitelists

You can now secure your publications with email whitelists to allow verified users temporary access.

Status: live

Adaptive password policy

Set your own rules for password strength, duration, and more.

December 2018

Search functionality

Allow visitors to your publication to search through its content.

Status: live

November 2018

30+ new page templates

Our designers have been busy. 30+ new Page Templates are available! We've improved and categorized them to save you even more time.

Status: live

SSL certificates

We've introduced a new functionality for uploading SSL certificates so you can securely host publications on your own domain. Access it via the Publishing Settings.

Status: live

Style buttons and quotes from the theme

You can now style your buttons and quotes from one central location via the Theme panel.

Status: live

Zapier integration

We're integrating with Zapier to connect Foleon to 1,000+ apps. This integration makes the process of managing and following up on leads even easier as you can automatically push lead information to your CRM and other platforms.

Status: live

Improvements to the cookie consent feature

If you've added remarketing pixels to your publication, or are using other types of content that insert cookies (e.g. (background) videos via YouTube or Vimeo), you can now let visitors decide if they accept those cookies.

Status: live

October 2018

Enhanced parallax scroll options

We're changing the way fixed images work by giving you more control over the scroll speed of Blocks.

Status: live

Drag & Drop reports

We're introducing a brand new reporting dashboard for drag & drop publications that highlights the most important statistics.

Status: live

September 2018

Quote element

Add quotes to your page to make it even more lively.

Status: live

80+ new block templates

We're introducing a wealth of new block templates to help you build pages more quickly. With over eighty new layouts to choose from, you'll spend less time designing and more time making an impact.

Status: live

August 2018

Reusing overlays

Instead of being able to only link to an overlay once, you'll be able to link to the same overlay multiple times.

Status: live

Lead generation (social login)

We're enriching the lead generation feature with social login, allowing you to collect rich data from your readers via Facebook or LinkedIn.

Status: live

July 2018

Enriched content animations

Make your publication even more lively with brand new animations and improved versions of existing ones.

Status: live

Overlay management:
Part 1

Managing overlays is about to become easier. You'll have a centralized location where you can see and rename existing overlays.

Status: live

File management

We're expanding the functionality of our Media Library by including the possibility to upload files like PDFs.

Status: live

Rounded corners for images and text elements

You'll have more creative freedom by being able to make the corners of images and text elements rounded.

Status: live

Enhanced visibility settings

We're enhancing features for hiding content across devices. For instance, you can hide content only on desktop, in addition to preventing content from displaying on tablet or mobile.

Status: live

Custom hotspots

Upload your own images to use as hotspots instead of only our predefined styles.

Status: live

Hosted video

Insert your own hosted videos into your publication, even if they are not on YouTube or Vimeo.

Status: live

June 2018

Text spacing

Style your copy to perfection by adjusting the spacing around Titles and Paragraphs.

Status: live

Bulk upload images

You'll be able to upload multiple images into our Media Library at the same time, instead of one at a time.

Status: live

Default link style

Under the Theme panel, you’ll be able to set a standard color for all of your text links.

Status: live

Rearranging columns responsively

Rearrange the order of columns on desktop, tablet and mobile individually.

Status: live

Deleting form submissions

If you collect personal data using Foleon (e.g. through a form), this new feature allows you to delete form submissions and all the included data from your account (and our servers) completely.

Status: live

Lead generation
(form login)

We’re improving our lead generation feature. Instead of only being able to gate your publication before it loads, it will also be possible to display the lead gen form after a number of pages. Initially, your readers will be able to access your publication (or the rest of it) by filling out a form.

Status: live

Compress to ZIP

Download your publication as a ZIP file so you can host it yourself.

Status: live

Enhanced text styling

Add background colors to Titles and Paragraphs to make your text stand out more.

Status: live

Background image focus

Lock the position of background images to ensure a certain area of the image is visible across devices.

Status: live

May 2018

Cookie consent

We’re introducing a brand new Cookie Consent feature. This feature allows you to obtain cookie consent from those who visit your publication. We’re leaving the cookie wall feature in the original editor as is.

Status: live

Align elements

Instead of only being able to align the content of Columns, you'll also be able to set the alignment for Elements individually.

Status: live

Export to printable PDF

Export your publication as a landscape oriented PDF for printing purposes.

Status: live

IP address anonymization

If you’ve connected your publication(s) to Google Analytics, you may want to anonymize IP addresses so they will not be recorded in Analytics. This new feature allows you to do so.

Status: live

Navigation positioning

You’ll be able to display the navigation bar at the top or bottom.

Status: live

Chapter navigation

We're introducing a brand new navigation type that contains links to individual pages.

Status: live

April 2018

Background video sound controls

Add mute/unmute controls to your background videos.

Status: live

Rearrange columns

Easily rearrange columns within the same block.

Status: live

March 2018

Image cropping

Easily crop or resize images right in your Media Library.

Status: live

Duplicate elements

Save time with the ability to quickly duplicate Elements like paragraphs, titles, images and videos.

Status: live

Vimeo support

On top of adding videos through YouTube, you'll also be able to add Vimeo videos to your publication.

Status: live

Bynder integration

Connect Foleon to your Bynder account to access to all your Bynder assets right inside our Media Library.

Status: live

Navigation bar styling

Style the navigation bar of your publications to your liking. Easily set colors to match your corporate identity.

Status: live

Form builder

We’re completely revamping our form builder so you can build and style forms in no time.

Status: live